The Last 5 Weeks

From Shanghai I found myself 4 days in Sydney….before I flew off to NYC

So the last 5 weeks I have been working and enjoying the Big Apple with a quick trip to London in between.

Here are some shots of this wonderful city……..

_MG_7312 _MG_9725 _MG_9217 _MG_9201 _MG_7046 _MG_6788 _MG_5397 _MG_0200 _MG_0253 _MG_5134 _MG_5169 _MG_5271 _MG_5232 _MG_6607 _MG_6683 _MG_6720 _MG_5394 _MG_7035 _MG_7163 _MG_6738

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